In Memory ~ Our Friend ~ Kenny George Cox 1978 - 2009

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Jan 20, 2010

Kenny's Palm Tree

Planted nicely in the North/East corner of George and Vivian's front yard is a tribute to Kenny... a Palm Tree.

On Monday Brian and I had breakfast with George and Vivian and shared, visited, cried, and laughed. Before leaving Brian and I said hello to the 'Kenny Palm Tree'.

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  1. kenny cox... i was in kalalau at big pool with my friend iolani and i was trying to jump off the high rock. finally i did and i spalshed this naked guy that was laying there sun bathing.. i swam up and said oh sorry brah my bad didn't mean to splash you. and he said no worries and hopped in the water. after that we talked a little and he said he'd take us to a big mango tree so we followed him into the woods off the trail. We hung out there and talked for a while. shared stories. kenny he said his name was. eventually we went our separate ways but i definately regarded him as a good guy. very friendly and he seemed real.
    a couple months later i was semi jogging into kalalau to meet up with some friends that were there and i bumped into kenny along the way. we looked at eachother and immediatley remembered one another. i was happy to see him and we took time to share more stories about what we've been up to. kenny was really living with nature. eating off the land. thats always been a dream of mine but i never really jumped off and did it full on. we exchanged emails and i saw just so happy i bumped into him. i thought to myself about the times i've been in kalalau and met cool people and i thought.. kenny, glad i met him along the way. good person. sadly later i heard from my dad that one of the kalalau people had died and i asked who it was and as soon as he said kenny my heart dropped. i still had the paper he had given me with his email right on my bathroom counter and i was recently thinking about sending him a letter but never got around to it. kenny was solid. followed his heart and spread the good things.. see you down the road brothah.. aloha a hui hou