In Memory ~ Our Friend ~ Kenny George Cox 1978 - 2009

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Aug 18, 2009

Different Shoes

When I first met Kenny Cox I was intimidated. Kenny was such an accomplished wrestler. He was someone I looked up to and admired for what he had accomplished in the wrestling world. It was seconds into our first conversation, as workout partners, in high school, that I realized Kenny was truly a humble, genuine person (not to mention a very physical, intense, focused wrestler).

In the early days of our friendship we were very similar… we loved wrestling, shared conservative values, had a similar style and look, and valued our friendship. As we grew from boys into men our values on life began to differ, our outlook on world affairs seemed to not align, Kenny traded his wrestling shoes in for sandals (or bare feet). I traded my wrestling shoes in for dress shoes… However, the value we placed on our friendship only grew (and grew).

Kenny embraced the diversity of not only our friendship but life. Like the first day I met Kenny, he was humbled by life and genuine to all that came into his life. He wanted to learn from everyone and he never pre-judged someone for their physical appearance.

If you asked Kenny he may say he really felt like a student in our friendship but the truth is he was more the teacher. He taught me the importance to slow down and reconnect. He often (bearing gifts – usually bread or an apple) would stop by to see me at work or home to just “slow down and reconnect”.

I weep… I weep… I often was to busy to break bread. Because of Kenny I will never be too busy when a friend walks into my lobby or shows up on my doorstep… I weep… with a powerful reminder that the work on my desk will always be there… a true friend that I loved so dearly may not always be there.

Matt, Graduate of the Kenny Cox School of reconnecting, and embracing the diversity of life.


  1. David Watson8/21/09, 9:16 PM

    Matt, your sincere examination of Kenny's relationship with you, touched me deep. Matt your diversity and complexion is truly admirsble! I love you! And will put grading papers or lesson planning off for you anytime:)

  2. Kodiak Malmstrom8/29/09, 7:01 PM

    Kenny was one with the world...The thoughfulness and warmth that he always showed will never be forgotten...The stories told and the memories by bon fire and starlight with friends and family will always be cherished....and WILL be payed forward....I promise....

    We LOVE you Kenny....